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    It is with deep interest that I continue to be entertained by the Theist versus Atheist battle between Ian Boyne and Udo Schuklenk in the Jamaica Gleaner. What makes this particularly interesting is the fact that both, seemingly unknowingly, are batting on the same side of the fence. Both are endowed with a large vocabulary, clearly well-read, hence an outstanding ability to articulate and both are undoubtedly steeped in convincing literature that strengthens the argument of their “adopted” position.

    It has clearly evaded them, that to be blessed with the spirit of discernment or any serious recognition or awareness of the Spirit God, this has to be borne of personal experience to which neither can speak.

    This brings me back to a time when childhood ignorance led me to believe that all clergymen were divinely “called.” I had no idea that being a pastor was open to all and sundry as long as they had no inhibition about public speaking and possessed a fair knowledge of the Bible. So much of our belief has been accepted and embraced without deep thought or credence.

    Even though I consider myself a spiritual being housed in a physical body, and a staunch unwavering believer in the Spirit, Omniscience, Omnipotent and Omnipresence of God, I deeply understand and am totally accepting of Atheism. At least atheists have a fundamental and tangible reason to their belief system. Superficial though it may be, it is a testament of truth that should be more acceptable than things of the Spirit accepted strictly on the premise of theory and hand me down knowledge or information.

    Neither of the embattled individuals made mention of Neale Donald Walsh’s many volumes of Conversations with God. None made mention of the many books including The Spirit of Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll and none mentioned Dr. Bryan Weiss’ Many Lives Many Masters, one among many that he has written.

    Dr. Weiss’ experience in his clinic heralded his enlightenment and the genesis of his spiritual thought. He consequently put his certification as a psychologist and scientist on the line to bear the mantle of this Spiritualism and His deeper truth. Today he continues to reach out to those who are ready to find who they are in the nucleus of their soul and grasp the understanding that through faith all things are possible. Based on conversations with others, I am inclined to believe that every enlightening experience is different, even though the end result signals the same awakening.

    I am afraid I must tell you both sirs, that that which you seek personally is neither scientific nor is it to be found in any chronology. It is loosely labeled an “Other Worldly Experience” but to be sure, your references should stand as “guidance” only, to enhance your “trip” to a place inside yourself, to which many have been called but few are chosen.


  • Hi Guys:

    I'm bringing the Premiere of the Caribbean Wives of South Florida to Maryland on September 15. I produced this TV reality show for National Television and I'm premiering it in the backyard of Discover Channel. It will be a "Red Carpet" Affair, just like Hollywood. I'm seeking your assistance to help get the word out as we have to show up in numbers to impress and prove that we have a market for caribbean content on television. Please see our promo in this message and circulate to your friends and the Diaspora.

    A Tulloch Media Production.
    Caribbean Wives of South Florida premieres in Maryland/DC area at the Montgomery College Cultural Arts Theater downtown Silver Spring on Sunday September 15, 2013 at 5:00pm.
    Come support and show the national Television Networks that there is a Caribbean Market here and we are underserved.

    Also need your comments about Caribbean Nationals being invisible in corporate America, as we hear from the advertisers that we do not have a market for them to spend major dollars in our media.


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