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Hello from The Quiet Room at Kotch!

Hello, hello, hello friends!

It's been such a long time since we connected. BIG thanks to those who joined us in the interim. I hope all is well for all of you our "family members" and that you are all as gung-ho about life and prospects as we are here at Kotch. We spent the last three months overhauling the Kotch Magazine site, we also completed and uploaded the exciting #3 issue of the magazine and working enthusiastically to bring you #4! Excitement abounds as we move forward! 

We are always looking for "life's champions;" those who through zeal, determination and sheer faith have managed to tear down mountains that stood in the path of progress and achievements. Please reach out to us regarding those you know.

Also be reminded to get your friends to join The Quiet Room here. Moments of meditation serve to strengthen us in faith and spirituality, in essence, bringing us closer to the nucleus of self and creative center. In a fast paced world we need to claim those moments for introspection and the continued envisioning of higher achievements. 

Much Blessings

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